Spin-on Dielectrics

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Flowable oxide (FOx) spin-on dielectric materials are used to optimize planarization of inter-level dielectrics in multilevel metal integrated circuit (IC) designs. They can be used to significantly improve topside planarity when applied prior to the final passivation step.

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High Planarization for Multilevel Metal ICs

The materials DuPont offers in this area deliver low-dielectric constant (low-K) with no carbon. Our flowable oxide (FOx) materials melt and flow to provide good gapfill and planarity in a single-coat application with 1.2-micron crack-free film thickness and low moisture uptake.

These materials deliver a number of key benefits: high planarization reduces process complexity and cost; low moisture uptake enables ease of integration; and low dielectric constant reduces parasitic delay within metal layers.

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