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WISE Horizontal Surface Treatment Lines

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Wise, a private company situated in Parma-Italy, has been established in 2003 from a mix of top professionals with an experience to design, develop and produce all type of wet processing machines to produce printed circuit board to be used in different market application such as automotive, healthcare, telecommunication, aerospace, defense, industrial automation, electronic consumer.

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Lignes de traitement de surface horizontal WISE

  • ALUFLEXSTAR: Pumice or Aluminium Oxide scrubbing brushing machines for rigid and flexible boards
  • WonderWise: compact plasma machine for the horizontal Innerlayer copper surface preparation.
  • OXIDESTAR Oxide Replacement process lines.
  • CHEMSTAR: Modules for Chemical Cleaning and Micro-Etch lines of inner-layer and outer-layer before dry film lamination and soldermask coating
  • DEVSTAR development line for alkaline dry-films and liquid photosensitive imaging film
  • SOLDERSTAR:  Soldermask developping lines
  • ETCHSTAR Alkaline or acid etching or FeCl3 etching lines
  • STRIPSTAR: Modular machine for stripping alkaline dry-films and liquid photosensitive imaging film
  • CHEMSTAR: Modular series of PP and Stainless Steel AISI 316 Modules for Tin Stripping Lines.
  • PLATESTAR: PP and Stainless Steel AISI 316 Modules for Direct Plating & Electroless processes lines for though hole, blind via and dielectrics
  • Surface finish line for Tin plating, Electroless Silver plating (SILVER LINE)  and Organic Solderability Process (OSP LINE)
  • HALSTAR: modular cleaning machine especially suited for removing all fluxes in infrared fusing, solder levelling or roller tinning.
  • CLEVERSTAR: modular grinding machine for removing the residues of resins, pastes and inks after the hole plugging process

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