ELPECAST® Casting Compounds

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ELPECAST® casting compounds protect and insulate electronics, sensor technology and lighting electronics against extreme weather conditions and aggressive media. Peters developped a large variety of transparent and opaque products to fulfill numerous individual requirements and customer requests.

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Family Designation Base Temperature range Optical properties Features Versions Datasheet


VT 3402 KK


– 40 to + 90 °C

High transparency & UV resistance. Hazing additive available

Compatible IP68 & outdoor applications

-NV: lower viscosity / -HE: higher elasticity /-ALU: harder /-SV: UL94-HB


VU 44 – –


– 40 to + 90 °C

Opaque, various colors available

High elasticity & low moisture absorption

• 43/41 HE-NV Black • 90/31 K white • 57 blue


VT 3602 KK


– 40 to + 200 °C

High transparency & resistance to yellowing

suitable for power LED protection


ELPECAST® Wepuran casting compounds (polyurethane UR) is available in a large variety of viscosity, colours, processing time and pot life; numerous hardness and elasticity adjustments cover the full range of shore hardness; good resistance against water, moisture, lyes, acids and many chemicals; elastic adjustments are a low-cost alternative for silicone casting compounds.


ELPECAST® Wepesil casting compounds (silicone SR) highly elastic, easy to remove for repair, dielectric properties are almost constant over wide temperature/frequency range, outstanding chemical and weather resistance, addition cross-linking, very low heat development and very low shrinkage pressure when cured.


ELPECAST® Wepox casting compounds (epoxy ER) provides high mechanical resistance, excellent resistance against water, moisture and aggressive media, outstanding adhesive strength.

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