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SDI Contact Cleaning Equipment

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SDI Systems Division, Inc. is a global, single-source supplier of everything from tacky rollers and contact cleaning equipment, clean room products and dust removal systems to lamination products and embossed mylar. For more than a quarter of a century, SDI has earned a reputation internationally for top-quality products, a highly responsive distribution network and unsurpassed customer service. SDI has made significant changes to the world of cleaning, and continues to provide revolutionary new products such as the cleaning machine roller cartridge and silicone-free tacky roller cleaning systems.

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SDI contact cleaning technology is well suited to many areas in the PCB manufacturing including:

  • Imaging: Panel cleaning prior to dry film lamination and liquid resin coating, prior to soldermask and legend ink printing, prior to exposure, optical test, artwork cleaning,
  • Lamination: Prepreg cleaning prior to lay up, copper foil cleaning, stainless steel press tools,
  • Final: Prior to electric testing, prior to final packaging
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EC2 EconoClean

EconoClean is a perfect choice for pre-screen printing cleaning and many other similar processes

IL4 serie

IL4 offers simple, low-cost in-line cleaning, with PLC control and side access for maintenance.
Options: IL4+ (clean even Mylar™ covered panels) and IL4 Thin Film Module (down to 25µm).


Dust Removal System hand roller and pads is the ultimate tool for cleaning particulate contaminants.

EC2 EconoClean

EconoClean is a perfect choice for pre-screen printing cleaning and many other similar processes. It can be used on polyester, PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, foam board, acrylic, and many others.
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• 4 polymer roller
• Operational modes include forward, reverse, forward/reverse
• No need for shop air
• Multiple tack levels for polymer rollers

Options include:
• Stand
• Active anti-static system
• Silicone-free cleaning system

Model available:
EC-12: 12 in.
EC-24: 24 in.
EC-40: 40 in.

IL4 Contact Cleaner Serie

IL4 utilize our cartridge system for fast and easy maintenance of the polymer cleaning rollers. As a result, maintenance of the tacky polymer cleaning rolls can be performed without removing the machine from the process line. This unique feature provides our customers with minimal down time for scheduled maintenance. In addition, the IL4 incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which enables custom programming, very precise control adjustments, and interfacing capabilities with other machines. Also available in a “Basic module” with only speed control and directional switch.

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• 4 roller cartridge system, anti-static
• PLC controls with high level of adjustability
• Side access adhesive rolls
• Pneumatic controls for adhesive roll engagement
• Multiple tack levels for polymer rollers

Options include:
• Thin Film module
• 8 in., 20 in., and 26 in. disc conveyors
• 20 in. band conveyors, tables (for thin material)

IL4-24: 24 in.
IL4-30: 30 in.
IL4-40: 40 in.

DRS Hand Rollers & Pads

Dust Removal System is the ultimate tool for cleaning particulate contaminants.
Unwanted particles as small as one micron are readily removed from the substrate.

High Tack – BLUE: Use on rigid, thicker substrates such as copper panels
Medium Tack – RED: For use on substrates such as flex circuits, photo tools, artwork and glass.
Medium Tack General Purpose – LIGHT BLUE: Appropiate for all the substrates mentioned above in Medium Tack level with special emphasis on cleaning thin or delicate substrates.

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