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Semiconductor Packaging Materials

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DuPont develops new materials to meet ever changing requirements, from workhorse packages like flip-chip technologies to emerging technologies like fan-out wafer level packaging and through silicon vias (TSVs). DuPont is a technology leader in electroplating materials used for underbump metallization (UBM), copper redistribution layer (RDL), Cu pillars, and solder bumps, along with polymers and dielectrics for RDL, photoresists and TSV fill.

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With more than 50 years invested in technology development, DuPont Electronics & Imaging understands the needs in the market and has developed a broad portfolio of semiconductor packaging materials for a range of technology areas including the product families in the table below:

Family Description Applications Product names

Copper Pillar Plating

Ultra-Pure Fine-Pitch copper plating chemistry

Cu pillar, Cu stud, and Cu µpillar processes used in advanced WLP architectures, from flip-chip processes, to 2.5D and 3D integration schemes. Work in perfect harmony with DuPont UBM chemistries.

Copper Redistribution Layer

High-purity copper electroplating chemistries for fine-line RDL and improved via-filling performance

Ideally Suited for Fan-in and Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging

Intervia™ 8540 & 9000

Solder Bump Plating

HVM-proven tin-silver plating chemistry

Lead-free, fine-pitch solder bump applications with industry-leading process versatility

Solderon™ BP

Under Bump Metallization

nickel plating chemistry

under bump metallization (UBM)

Nikal BP Chemistry

Bump Plating Photoresists

Positive- and negative-tone dry film & liquid photoresists

Designed to meet the tight pitches and varied topographies of today’s advanced wafer level packaging, MEMS, and 3D photolithography applications

Liquid: Intervia™ BCPR-i 4500, Shipley BPR™ 100
Dry film: WLP, WBR, WB & MX Series

Through Silicon Via Copper

Leading-edge copper through silicon via (TSV) chemistries

Memory stacking, CMOS image sensors, MEMS devices, and 2.5D interposer architectures

Interlink™ 9200 Copper

Packaging Dielectrics

BCB-based Cyclotene™ and epoxy-based Intervia™ dielectric

Insulating distribution wiring from the chip to the package substrate to the circuit board

Intervia™ Photodielectric & Cyclotene™ Advanced Electronic Resin Serie