Thermabond® Adhesives Film

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Thermabond® Silicone Electronic Adhesive products by Rogers Corporation are thermally conductive in order to eliminate hotspots in the package. They have a tight thickness control through the calender manufacturing process and reliably bonds to a number of substrates including both inorganic, and organic. It is both low modulus and has high shear strength, which prevents adhesive delamination.

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  • Bond Reliability: Bonds securely to many substrate types, shapes, or textures
  • Hot Spot Elimination: Thermal conductivity up to 3W/mK to transport heat away from hot spots
  • Thermal-Mechanical Stress Decoupling: Low modulus and high shear strength prevent adhesive delamination
  • Low Temperature Cure Cycle: Thermabond cure parameters can be as low as 100ºC at 100 kPa, so surface mount components can be mounted on the PCB prior to bonding
  • Uniform Bond Line Thickness: Precision calendering produces a uniform adhesive film
  • Proven Performance: Thermabond® adhesive products are the gold standard for critical, demanding electronic system applications

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