Stripeur Etain et Etain Plomb:
ENVIROSTRIP™ 785 : Stripeur haute efficacité - 1 étape  
Stripping - Etching - Tin stripping

In the production of outer layers, photo resist is used for the structuring of an additional, deposited layer of metal resist, and then removed again in the stripper. The exposed copper is etched off in the alkaline etching module down to the basic material and the metal resist (Sn) is removed in a tin stripping system.


Inline system for the processing of metal resists on outer layers

- High etching quality with high etching factor is achieved.
- Intermittent etching with individual nozzle control ensures uniform etching patterns without "puddle effects".
- Filter technology for the stripping process
- Flexible transport system for all PCB formats
- Fully automatic dosing system