Hardly flammable casting compounds VU 4459/41 SV-HF and VU 4444/31 SB-WB forcorrosion-protected operation of the measurement and control technology

Peters over the years acquired know-how for the development of conformal coatings and casting compounds for the protection against environmental influences, as for example residue- and temperature stress, is already successfully used for the manufacturing of capable solar modules and the appropriate measurement and control technology.

Connecting boxes of solar power units are - unprotected - a weak point, as defective connections that corrode over time can even lead to the whole solar power unit catching fire.

Potting the connecting boxes in a self-extinguishing casting compound heightens safety by protecting the connecting boxes against corrosion by environmental influences. The flame retardant properties of the casting compound additionally help minimise the risk of fire.

The self-extinguishing Wepuran casting compound VU 4459/41 SV-HF is very well suited for photovoltaic applications: It has been awarded the best flame class rating V-0 per UL 94 and fulfils the requirements of the thermal cycling test and damp heat test according to DIN EN 61215.

For applications where the casting compound is exposed to direct sunlight, our Wepuran casting compound VU 4444/31 SB-WB can be used. This casting compound not only corresponds to the best UL 94 flame class V-0, but is also exceptionally weathering and UV resistant.