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Over 39 Years of experience in Photoplotter Design. First EIE SA is marked by its resolve to systematically integrate the most advanced technologies with in the range of products that it develops and manufactures. First EIE marketing strategy continues to focus on advanced Imaging Technologies. With continuous improvement on photoplotter, new developments also take places within Inkjet and Direct Imaging systems.

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Maximum films size from 20” x 26” to 34” x 56”

Resolution 4000 dpi to 5000 dpi

Full automation – short loading/ unloading time

Low drum speed – max 130 rpm

  • No vibrations
  • No film distorsion
  • No film fly off

Data input formats: RS274D, RS274X, DPF and EIE RPL

Optional input formats: ODB++, PostScript, TIFF-PACKBITS, AI, PDF

Network compatibility: TCP-IP

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