100% paper substrate that is a truly viable alternative to plastics for printing electronics.
With incredible thermal stability, mechanical strength and outstanding sintering capabilities, PowerCoat is the ideal substrate for more advanced printed electronics such as capacitors, sensors and highly complex circuitry.

Name Type Thickness (µm) Sintering T°C Benefits

PowerCoat® HD

Coated Paper 95/230 200°C
  • High-definition patterning (down to <5µm)
  • High sintering capabilities in Air, Photonic and RF thermal processes
  • Excellent thermal stability in colour and dimension (200°C during 5 min)
  • Compatible with all printing techniques
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
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PowerCoat® XD

Coated Paper 80/125/200 180°C
  • High roll-to-roll strength required in flexo, gravure, offset and screen printing techniques
  • Superb sintering capabilities in air, photonic and RF thermal processes
  • Superior thermal stability in colour and dimension (180°C during 5 min)
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DuPont™ Intexar™

TPU + adhesive
  • High recovery (97%), light weight, stretchable TPU
  • Designed for compatibility with Intexar™ stretchable electronic inks
  • Bonds strongly to most fabrics and is compatible with Cover Film TE-21C
  • Soft to the touch, designed for comfort
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