• Photoresist

Three technologies are available for this application:

-Dry film

Two dry film types are coexisting. Dry film should be choosed in function of the etching you have to do later.

For acid etching, all dry films match, while for alkaline etching, only two dry film families are recommended because the pH of alkaline etching is close to the pH of dry film stripping.  The two families are: LAMINAR 8000 and LAMINAR 9200.


There are two types of resins: positive ones (SN68H) and negative ones (SP24). The resin nature is to be determined in function of the desired application.


Currently, the most common thechnology is dry film. The use of resins requires a regular control but begins to develop on the french market. the inkjet technology is not used in france yet.


  • Image Transfert

The image transfert is done thanks to an artwork (produced with a diazo ) in order to reproduce the  pattern and with the help of a UV-platesetter.