Clear potting of optical assembly in optoelectronics for potting LED lights, illuminated keyboards and fittings

Peters casting compounds and resins fulfil almost every wish with its variety of hardnesses, viscosity adjustments and specialty products e.g. for underwater use.

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Wepuran casting resins of the series VT 3402 KK

• colourless and crystal clear, excellent transparency, for highest demands on optical properties, very good weather resistance, excellent UV light stability and good thermal resistance, selected adjustments suitable for underwater use

• light diffusing effect or colouration by the addition of hazing paste or dyestuff concentrate

Wepuran casting resin VT 3404 HE

• yellowish transparent and highly elastic with good weather resistance, ideal for applications with no special demands on the optical properties, e.g. to pot assemblies where an opaque material does not restrict the field of use; easy to remove for repair purposes

Wepuran casting resin VT 3405

• clear and highly transparent with good weather and UV light stability, thus ideal for applications with moderate demands on the optical properties, e.g. to pot assemblies that must remain permanently visible; easy to remove for repair purposes, economic alternative to VT 3402 KK

Wepesil casting resin VT 3601 E

• colourless and clear transparent, weather and UV resistant, very high elasticity and tear strength

• excellent thermal resistance up to 200 °C