Solder pastes, alloys, preforms, wires and fluxes

Soldermask, marking, colour, peelable inks, potting


Surface treatment chemistry

Brush cleaning and compressed-air driven systems

Dynachem Automatic Lamination Technologies


Horizontal wet processing

Litographic resins for microelectronics

Pumps and filters for wet processing

Silver films processors

Speciality chemistry for MEMS & microelectronics


High purity solvents, acids and bases


Vertical wet processing

Soldermask vertical screen equipment

Contact cleaning equipment

Laboratory, maintenance & spare parts


Horizontal HASL

All brushes for PCB


Soldermask spray & curtain coating

Clean room consumables

Thinfilm etchants for microelectronics

Drilling machines


Wood and glass industry

Zinc plating

Silicone interfaces

Wood processing equipments

Diazo films

Silver sintering pastes

Slag recovery systems


Soldering stations

Screenprinting supplies