Solder pastes, alloys, preforms, wires and fluxes

Soldermask, marking, colour, peelable inks, potting


Surface treatment chemistry

Brush cleaning and compressed-air driven systems

Dynachem Automatic Lamination Technologies


Horizontal wet processing

Litographic resins for microelectronics

Pumps and filters for wet processing

Silver films processors

Speciality chemistry for MEMS & microelectronics


High purity solvents, acids and bases


Vertical wet processing

Soldermask vertical screen equipment

Contact cleaning equipment

Laboratory, maintenance & spare parts


Horizontal HASL

All brushes for PCB


Soldermask spray & curtain coating

Clean room consumables

Thinfilm etchants for microelectronics

Drilling machines


Wood and glass industry

Zinc plating

Silicone interfaces

Wood processing equipments

Diazo films


Soldering stations


Screenprinting supplies