Indium Corporation introduces a full line of soldering products that satisfy IPC’s J-STD004B. The IPC’s new 004B has stricter requirements for measuring halogens and electromigration risk.

Indium Corporation’s full line of PCB assembly products were specifically designed to meet these new international standards, which help to improve both first pass yields and long-term reliability.

Users’ existing solder products may meet the existing J-STD-004, but could fail to meet the more environmentally-realistic and challenging requirements of the 004B electromigration test.

Included in the new assembly products that are “B” compliant are:

- Wave Solder Flux WF-9948
- Flux-Cored Wire Series CS-807

Wave Solder Flux WF-9948 is a high-activity, no-clean wave solder flux designed for use with through-hole and mixed-technology assemblies. It performs well with both tin-lead and lead-free solders. WF-9948 is very heat stable and has been thoroughly tested for selective soldering and wave soldering applications. Even with the high degree of activation, WF-9948 passes all known reliability requirements.

The CS-807 Flux-Cored Wire Series has been fully tested to J-STD-004B. The series includes:

- CW-807 (halogen-free, ROL0)
- CW-807M (slightly more active, ROL1)
- CW-807HMP for high-temperature applications, such as automotive and downhole survey equipment (ROL0)