CTS, now in its third decade as a supplier to the microelectronics and printed circuit board industries, will handle sale, delivery and related technical support for phototool films from Exopack Advanced Coatings in France, the European Community, in the Middle East and also South Africa.


The Exopack Advanced Coatings name reflects more than 40 years of phototool refinement. Recently introduced low-haze Amber Phototool Film features superior stability and ease of use; it withstands repeated handling and vacuum-frame draw-downs. The company's diazo-based micro-matte film offers users enhanced emulsion adhesion, superior resistance to scratches and chemical damage and better dimensional stability.

"From the start, CHIMIE TECH has sought to align itself with true innovators within various segments of the industry," said Jean-Yves Salaun, CTS General Manager. "We're very pleased because in Exopack Advanced Coatings, we've found such a leader in diazo phototool technologies and applications."

"CTS is recognized throughout the European Community as a leading supplier to PCB manufacturers," said Jeff Jarvis, Global Business Manager at Exopack Advanced Coatings. "It has crafted a sterling reputation globally for product excellence, technological expertise and customer satisfaction. We look forward to partnering with CTS. "

For more on Exopack Advanced Coatings products, visit http://www.exopackadvancedcoatings.com/.

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