Standard and emerging semiconductor assembly
Semiconductor and advanced assembly materials (SAAM) are designed to enable a semiconductor chip to communicate with the outside world. We propose a range of solutions used in the manufacture of mobile devices, automotive electronics, avionics, server farms, and power handling for renewable energy sources.


2.5D and 3D chip-stacking

•    Wafer bumping fluxes
•    Wafer bumping solder pastes
•    Copper pillar flip-chip fluxes
•    Standard flip-chip fluxes


•    Standard flip-chip fluxes
•    Wafer bumping and substrate-bumping solder pastes

Wafer level CSP ball mount

•    WL-CSP ball-attach fluxes
•    Specialty solder spheres


•    Ball-attach fluxes
•    Specialty solder spheres

Package-on-package and fine-pitch component attach

•    PoP pastes
•    PoP fluxes

Specialty component attach

•    Epoxy fluxes

Power semiconductor


•    Pb and AuSn
•    Pb free: BiAgX, Sn/Sb, SnAg5...
•    Forms: Pastes, preforms, spheres, wire, ribbon...

Paste and fluxes:

PoP, HF or Halogen  • Dip, spray

Flip chip, 2.5D and 3D, ball-attached

Silver sintering paste

• High temperature joint

Low temperature, low pressure process

There are other specialty assembly materials that are used in a variety of different applications, such as solder spheres, as well as gold-tin and indium-containing solder pastes, wire, and preforms.

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