Screen tension
We offer the service of tensing the screens on your frames.


Squeedgee blades

Our squeegee blades are ideal for use in screen printing application in printed circuit board manufacturing in order to apply solder mask, peelable ink and legend inks.

They are designed for best performance and durability:

- High resistance to abrasion

- High resistance to chemical attack.

- Available in various profiles, hardness, in mono, bi or tri-layers.

Profiles: P0: square / P5: triangle (V type).  Other profiles are available on demand

P0: 9mmx50mmx3,66 m  / P5: 9mmx50mmx3,05 m

Hardness ranging from 65 to 95 SHORE

Recommendations for P0 profile:  Solder mask: 65 – 75 / Peelable ink: 65 / Legend ink: 75


Screen preparation products

We offer a range of product to prepare the screen prior to sensibilisation and to clean it after usage.

Each Screen Cleaner is an expertly balanced blend of solvents and detergents which are used at the end of a print run for the removal of ink residues. This blend enables the Screen Cleaner and the ink to be easily emulsified with water, and prepares the stencil surface for the rapid action of decoating chemicals. Screen Cleaners can be used manually or in automatic screen cleaning machines.

- Screen cleaner

- Screen degreaser

- Anti stain

- Film activation

- Screen opener

- Screen stripper


Capillarity films

We offer a range of pre-sensitised photostencil films which are adhered to a wetted mesh prior to exposure

- Direct: Capillex (from 18 to 80µm thick)

Capillex combines the fine resolution and edge definition of indirect photostencil films with the registration accuracy of direct/indirect systems and the toughness of direct stencils. Despite their durability, stencils made with Capillex can be readily decoated. The Capillex range is the most comprehensive on the market and has excellent resistance properties to solvent-based and conventional UV inks.


- Indirect:

Pre-sensitised gelatine coating on a 50 micron polyester base

Greenstar: (Green) Low resolution and high definition make Greenstar perfect for multilayer or composite positives where the tape edges can be burnt out.

Fivestar (red) Medium/high resolution, exceptional print quality and wide processing latitude make Five Star perfect for most general purpose applications.


- Super PHAT film is the ideal choice for printers seeking heavy ink deposit. Super PHAT film is perfectly suited for garment printers working with high-density inks. Electronics and industrial printers will appreciate the film’s ability to easily accomplish extreme stencil build-up. Available from 100 to 700 µm thick.

Depending on the thickness standard roll dimensions are:1.04 x 10m / Rolls 1.12 x 10m / Rolls 1.22 x 10m /Rolls 1.04 x 5m. Also available in cut to size panels.

Other products available:

- Powder Activator: Powder Activator produces extremely robust stencils which will withstand vigorous spraying during warm water development

- Universal Degreasing and Wetting Fluid

- Mesh Conditioner


Liquid emulsion

The combination of diazo and photopolymer chemistry creates photostencil systems capable of the highest standards of printing for all applications and ink systems. Diazo-photopolymer emulsions are supplied as two-pack systems consisting of Part A – liquid emulsion and Part B – diazo sensitizer.

Different products available depending on screen mesh.


Artwork maintenance

- Film clean 2010: clean the artwork (silver film or diazo) and the exposure frames without leaving marks. Antistatic.

- Touch up pen: correct defects on diazo films.


Screenprinting inks

Polyscreen is a two-pack screen ink combining outstanding resistance to many chemicals and solvents with excellent adhesion to an extensive range of ‘difficult’ surfaces.

It is available in 14 standard intermixable colours. Varnish is also available for mixing into any colour where a greater transparency is desired.