The DuPont™ GreenTape™ 951 low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) material system combines the benefits of multilayer co-fired ceramic and thick film technologies to meet the increasing demand for reliable electronics functioning in extreme heat and other harsh Environments.


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951PT   114.3 µm (4.5 mil)
  952P2   165.1 µm (6.5 mil)  
  952P2   254 µm (10 mil)  
  952P2   50.8 µm (2 mil)  
Gold system
Silver system
Mixed system


6142A 6142D Signal Lines
 5742 6145R  6145R Signal Lines  
  6142D  6742D Signal Lines (RF cond)
 5740A 6148  6148 Ground Planes  
  6142D  6142D Capacitor Electrodes
 Via Fills    5738R 6141R  6141R Via Fill
  6138R  6138R Outer Via (to Au or PdAg)
Bonding & Soldering
5742    5742 Au Wire Bonding (Co Fired)  
5742    5742 Thin Al Wire Bonding (Co Fired)
  6146  6146 Heavy Al Wire Bonding (Co Fired)
5739 6146   6146 Solderable (Co Fired)
4597/4598Y LF172 LF172 Solderable (Post Fired)  
Brazing  5062S 5081R tba Adhesion Layer
5063S 5082R tba Barrier Layer  
Resistors CF011 / CF021 / CF031 / CF041
Overglaze    QQ550   Post-Fired 500 °C
  9615R   Sequential Cofired