CTS offers a range of engineering materials customized for a large variety of applications.


Engineered solder preforms

- Precise chemistries and physical properties
- Precise dimensions and volume
- Lab-tested and field-proven
- Reliable performance and excellent technical service
- Available in many shapes : disc, washer, square, rectangle and custom shape possible according to the customer drawing.
- Can be deliver coated with flux.
- Delivery in bulk, layer pack, tape and reel.
- Pure indium for low temperature sealing
- Bi-based low-melting alloys for fusible devices
- Indium alloys for step soldering and thermal interfacing
- AuSn alloys for fluxless die-attach and hermatic packaging
- Pb-Free alloys
- All specialty solder alloys, including: SnPb / SnSb / AuGe / AuSn / InPb / InAg / InSn / BiSn / SnAg and many, many more...
Solder ribbon

- High quality solder ribbon is available in many standard alloys and sizes. Material can also be custom made to your unique material and dimensional requirements. - Solder ribbon is supplied in continuous lengths and packaged on spools.


New Precision BGA Spheres Optimize Sphere Performance
Indium Corporation’s Solder Spheres for PBGA, CBGA, TBGA, µBGA and Flip Chip applications are made by a proprietary manufacturing process that consistently results in high sphericity and accurate diameters.
The solder spheres are available in many alloys including industry standards:
- Sn63Pb37
- Sn62Pb36Ag2
- Pb90Sn10
- Pb89.5Sn10.5
- In 99.99
- Au80.0 Sn20.0 for other applications


Thermal Interface Materials
Pure Metal Thermal Interface Materials used in reflow or non-reflow compressible applications. These materials may or may not contain Indium. Products consist of liquid metals at room temperature, Heat-Springs® compressible TIMs, Indium Ribbon and Foil as well as solder preforms and INforms®.