Fast cure conformal coating- series ELPEGUARD® SL 1307 FLZ

The 1-pack conformal coatings of the series ELPEGUARD® SL 1307 FLZ are particularly yellowing resistant conformal coatings for assembled printed circuit boards based on polyacrylic resins. Due to the special solvent formulation these ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings are distinguished by a very fast drying. A major advantage of these purely physically drying systems is that for repair purposes the cured ink film can not only be soldered through at soldering iron temperature but can also be removed by means of the product-specific thinner.

The colourless fluorescent adjustments of this series are approved as Permanent Coatings by Underwriters Laboratories per UL 94 and meet all requirements of IPC-CC-830B ”Qualification and Performance of Electrical Insulating Compound for Printed Wiring Assemblies”.