The SMTC2 puts the well proven SDI cleaning system into the Surface Mount market. A standard throughout the world in bare-board production, this specialised unit is designed to operate in any SMT line.


- Remove

- Epoxy dust
- Loose solder resist
- Dried solder paste residues
- Airborne contamination

- Prevent

- Tombstones / Crocodiles
- Solder balls / Outgassing

- Eliminate

- Factory rejects
- Field failures


- Double-sided or Top-side cleaning
- Slimline profile—easy to add to any SMT line
- Edge transport system for smooth board travel
- Simple change to top-side cleaning
- Powered conveyor width change
- Simple touchscreen interface
- Clamshell opening for easy maintenance
- Pneumatic control of Adhesive Roll (rather than being gravity fed) allows perfect pressure to be set.
- The SMTC Range can use narrower Adhesive Rolls if required, saving consumable costs
- SMART anti-static system ensures populated boards are not subjected to static charges
- SMEMA compliant


- Solder Paste Printing
- Surface Mount Adhesive Deposition


- Double Polymer Rollers (for heavily contaminated boards)
- Alarm / Beacon Column
- Machine Lock
- Support Brush (extra support for flexible board)
- Enhanced Anti-Static (ensure minimum static to meet the automotive industry demands)


Board Dimensions

- Width: 38 - 406mm
- Length Minimum 75mm
- Thickness 0.10 - 4.75mm

Maximum Line Speed

- 30m/min


PDF - Download data sheet