Solder Fortification™ : increase solder volume

Miniaturization and the use of thinner stencils cause a lack of solder paste on the solder joints.

Solder fortification:

• Uses preforms with printed paste to add solder volume without using additional flux
• Improves joint strength for large components, such as RF shields
• Enhances reliability for high-use interfaces, such as connectors
• Reduces costs by reducing the need for rework
• Provides consistent volumes of solder

Solder Fortification™ Preforms are rectangle-shaped and are available in tape & reel packaging for easy placement by standard pick and place machines.
Available in any alloy to correspond to the solder paste alloy.

Standard Sizes are :
• 0402-019 : 0.020" (0.508mm) x 0.040" (1.01mm) rectangle x 0.019" (0.48mm)
• 0603-031 : 0.030" (0.76mm) x 0.060" (1.52mm) rectangle x 0.031" (0.78mm)

Pin-in-Paste applications

Preforms can be used as well for Pin in Paste applications

Use of Preform to reduce Voiding

Preforms are an alternative approach to reduce voiding: By using performs you add solder volume without increasing flux (voiding is partially caused by the volatilization of excess flux)
This is especially effective in large areas, such as under QFNs, where gases are easily entrapped.