extreme operating conditions

protection and safety

individual solutions

many colours

Peters casting compounds and resins fulfil almost every wish with its variety of hardnesses, viscosity adjustments and specialty products e.g. for underwater use.

They offer protection and safety for your electronics against extreme climatic influences and aggressive media.

To cast assembled pcbs, print and mini transformers, transformer and magnetic coils, etc. Peters offers transparent or opaque casting compounds on epoxy resin, polyurethane resin or silicone rubber basis.

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New crystal clear Wepuran casting resins of the series VT 3402 KK

extremely high transparency • for highest demands on optical properties • excellent weathering resistance • outstanding UV light stability • can be used out of doors • highly elastic casting resin VT 3402 KK-NV-HE • extra hard casting resin VT 3402 KK-NV-HH • hardly flammable casting resin VT 3402 KK-SB

Weather resistant Wepuran casting resin VT 3404 HE

good weathering resistance • especially for applications without particular demand on the optical properties • yellowish opaque potting result • highly elastic • can be easily removed for repair purposes

Hardly flammable Wepuran casting resin VT 3404 LS-SB

yellowish, milky-cloudy casting resin with light diffusing effects • creates diffused light when used to cast light sources • corresponds to the best flame class UL 94 V-0

Economic highly transparent Wepuran casting resin VT 3405

good weather/UV light stability • moderate optical thermal stability • for potting assemblies which must remain permanently visible • highly elastic • can be easily removed for repair purposes

Jet-black Wepuran casting compound VU 4443/41 HE-NV

highly elastic • jet-black colour offers an excellent contrast to the embedded LEDs • extremely low water absorption

Yellowing-resistant Wepuran casting compound VU 4490/31 K

particularly classy appearance due to the smooth white surface • only very slight yellowing even when exposed to intense sunlight • for use in optoelectronics • for potting LED lights, illuminated keyboards and fittings • quick cure due to the catalysed adjustment